Nuclear Waste On-line is a series of on-line presentations about nuclear waste in Canada. For the 2022 10th Annual Series, sessions will be every Wednesday evening in February at 7 pm eastern. Pre-registration is required. Click on the date to register. Read descriptions of each session HERE

Wednesday February 2nd, 7 pm EST
Canada Update 2022: Nuclear Waste & the NWMO 

Wednesday, February 9th @ 7 pm
Informed and Unwilling: Close Up on NWMO Candidate Sites

Wednesday, February 16th @ 7 pm
Radioactive Waste: The Next Generation

Wednesday, February 23 @ 7 pm EST
Hot Potatoes:Repackaging Radioactive Wastes

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This work

Since Northwatch’s founding more than thirty years ago the work has been both constant and every changing: defending northern Ontario from one waste dumping scheme after another, promoting safe energy and sound forest management practices, and supporting communities and grassroots groups as they challenge extreme energy projects and work for a healthy future. Northwatch’s focus is on regional issues in northeastern Ontario, and in collaboration with others who share a passion for a the region.

This land

Northwatch is a regionally based organization, with our primary focus and membership being the six federal districts of Cochrane, Temiskaming, Nipissing, Sudbury, Manitoulin and Algoma, spanning the Lake Superior, Lake Huron, St. Lawrence and James Bay watersheds.

Since time immemorial, the region of northeastern Ontario has been the land of Indigenous peoples who continue to be resident and rights holders.

This planet

We have just less than a decade to make massive and unprecedented changes to limit the effects of a warming climate to even a
“moderate levels” according to the United Nation’s climate science body’s monumental report released in October 2018.

A report from Environment Canada released in April 2019 revealed that Canada is warming faster than the world average from human-caused climate change.

Other planet-wide concerns dominate headlines – islands of plastic, shrinking forests, disappearing species.

Think globally, act locally. But act now.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.

Margaret mead

Northwatch has a dual mandate: environmental protection in northeastern Ontario, and supporting public participation in environmental decision-making.

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Northwatch is an environmental non-government organization in Northeastern Ontario.

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