Northwatch relies on its members, supporters and donors for its operating expenses – a small office, single-line telephone, internet and email, postage and printing, plus workshop and meeting costs. 

Thank you for your support.

There are three easy ways to give: send your donation by email transfer to our email, use our charitable partners Giving Page with Canada Helps, or send your donation by mail to Box 282, North Bay, Ontario, P1B 8H2.

You can now donate to Northwatch through our on-line Giving Page! One-time or monthly donations, with a charitable receipt issued immediately (these links will take you to the giving page for The Demeter Project, a foundation through which Northwatch supporters can donate to support our educational activities; scroll down to select your option of one-time or monthly donations, and indicate in your note that the donation is for Northwatch

Donations and Memberships

To pay your membership on-line, make a charitable donation and indicate in the note that the donation includes a membership in Northwatch. You can also make a donation using our Paypal account; this is not a charitable donation, and can be used for Northwatch work that is not characterized as charitable (for example, advocacy or campaign work)

Not all life happens on-line! To send your membership or donation through the regular mail,  please print and fill in the information below, and send by mail to Box 282, North Bay, P1B 8H2.

Name _________________________________ 

Group ____________________________________ 
Address ____________________________________________________________________ 
Town__________________________________   Postal Code ________________________
Phone (hm) ______________    Phone (wk)  _____________  Email___________________________ 

Yes! I want to support Northwatch’s work for the environment in northeastern Ontario!

__  Group Membership of $25  
__  Supporting Member $25  
__  Individual Membership of $10  
__  I’d like to become a Sustaining Donor* Call me!        

I’m making a donation today __________

* Northwatch’s Sustaining Donor Program let’s you be part of providing Northwatch with ongoing financial support in a way that suits your finances. With many people contributing regularly, even small amounts add up to meet the need ($1,000 a month will cover all of Northwatch’s basic running costs – phone, fax, rent, mailings, subscriptions, info purchases and Northwatch News). One hundred people giving $10 a month would do it, or forty people giving $25. Be one of them! Donate through our on-line Giving Page or by postdated cheques, whichever works best for you.

Box 282 North Bay ON P1B 8H2 | tel 705 497 0373 |

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